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Family Genealogy

I started working on my family genealogy in 1986 for a 4-H project.  Currently I have over 2000 individuals in the database and 420 surnames!  I have started work on Dan's family this year.  My mother and I continue to work on all of the family lines. The main surnames on my side are Alexander, Benner, Berry, Bond, Clayton, Cloud, Fulton, Grubbs, Howell, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kindley, Mendenhall, Mills, Newman, Phillips, Pugh, Runyon, and Smith.  Many of the lines are of Quaker heritage.  The main surnames on Dan's side are Bowden, Sevier, and Snow.  

Coppock Family Tree

Waymire Family Tree

Benner Family Tree (this is a PDF that requires Adobe Reader free downloads available at Adobe's website)

More Family Charts will be up soon.


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